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Prussian Blue

The molecular formula is Fe(Mol)Fe(CN)6·H2O,which has appearance with dark blue powder. The hue is from deep blue to light blue. It has strong tinting strength, bright colour and high light resistance.

CAS No.:14038-43-8, 12240-15-2


It is well used for  printing ink (offset, solvent) and paint , it is also well used for pesticide, it is in micronized powder, which as a mark  left on the grape leaves after spraying the pesticide by plane in the large grapery in Europe, such as Italy, France, Spain etc.

Full Shade Tint Product Name Type C.I.No. Pigment Feature
    Prussian Blue JC 101 C.I.P.B.27 standard type
    Prussian Blue JC102 C.I.P.B.27 standard type
    Prussian Blue JC103 C.I.P.B.27 standard type
    Prussian Blue JC104 C.I.P.B.27 standard type
    Prussian Blue JC105 C.I.P.B.27 standard type
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