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Chrome Yellow

    The color range is from lemon yellow to orange yellow. It is usually classified 5 standard types as lead chrome yellow,light chrome yellow,medium chrome yellow,deep chrome yellow,chrome orange yellow.The pigments are gloss,bright color shade and excellent hiding power,mainly used for producing coating,paints,inks, plastic, rubber,cultural&educational articles etc.

Full Shade Tint Product Name Type C.I.No. Pigment Feature
    Lemon Chrome Yellow 501 C.I.P.Y.34 standard type
    Light Chrome Yellow 605 C.I.P.Y.34 standard type
    Medium Chrome Yellow 105 C.I.P.Y.34 standard type
    Deep Chrome Yellow 805 C.I.P.Y.34 standard type
    Orange Chrome Red 905 C.I.P.Y.34 standard type
    envelope Lemon Chrome Yellow 5010 C.I.P.R.34 Surface is treated
    envelop Light Chrome Yellow 6050 C.I.P.Y.34 Surface is treated
    Envelope Medium Chrome Yellow 1050 C.I.P.Y.34 Surface is treated
    Envelope Deep Chrome Yellow 8050 C.I.P.Y.34 Surface is treated
    Envelope Orange Chrome Red 9050 C.I.P.Y.34 Surface is treated
    Enhanced Lemon Chrome Yellow 5010H C.I.P.Y.34 Surface is treated hevily
    Enhanced Medium Chrome Yellow 1050H C.I.P.Y.34 Surface is treated hevily
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