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Chrome Orange, Chrome Green and Fast Chrome Green
Chrome Orange
Chrome orange [1344-38-3], C.I. Pigment Orange 21:77601, is a basic lead chromate
with the composition PbCrO4 ⋅PbO but is no longer of technical or economic importance.
This product was obtained by precipitating lead salts with alkali chromates in
the alkaline pH range. By controlling pH and temperature, the particle size and thus
the hue could be varied between orange and red.
Chrome Green and Fast Chrome Green
Chrome greens, C.I. Pigment Green 15:77410 and 77600, are combined or mixed
pigments of chrome yellow (see Section 3.4.1 and iron blue see Section 3.6) with the
Pb(S,Cr)O4 + Fe4
III[FeII(CN)6]3 ⋅x H2O
Fast chrome greens, C.I. Pigment Green 48:77600, 74160 and 74260, are combinations
of chrome yellow (see Section 3.4.1) and phthalocyanine blue or phthalocyanine
green. For high-grade fast chrome greens, stabilized and highly stabilized chrome
yellows are used in practice.
The density and refractive index of chrome greens and fast chrome greens depend
on the ratio of the components of the mixture. Their hues vary from light green to
dark blue-green, again depending on the ratio of their components.
Chrome greens provide excellent dispersibility, resistance to flocculation, bleeding,
and floating, and feature very good fastness properties. This is especially true of fast
chrome greens that are based on high-grade phthalocyanine and highly stabilized
chrome yellows. They are therefore used in the same applications as chrome yellow
and molybdate red pigments (i.e., for the pigmentation of coating media and plastics).
Pigments or pigment preparations consisting of zinc potassium chromates combined
with blue pigments are not relevant for industrial production anymore.
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