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Chromate Pigments
The most important chromate pigments include the lead chromate (chrome yellow) and lead molybdate pigments (molybate orange and molybdate red) whose colors range from light lemon yellow to reds with a blue hue. Chrome yellow, molybdate orange, and molybdate red are used in the production of paints, coatings, and plastics,and are characterized by brilliant hues, good tinting strength, and good hiding ower.Special treatment of the pigments has permitted continuous improvement of their resistance to light, weathering, chemicals, and temperature.
Chromate pigments may be combined with blue pigments (e.g., iron blue or phthalocyanine blue) to obtain high-quality chrome green and fast chrome green pigments.Molybdate orange and molybdate red pigments are often combined with red organic pigments, giving a considerable extension and fine-tuning of the color range.
Lead chromates, lead molybdates, chrome greens, and fast chrome greens are supplied as pigment powders, low-dust or dust-free preparations, or as pastes.
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